San Fernando - Mexico (Washed Process)

San Fernando - Mexico (Washed Process)

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San Fernando is sourced from family owned farms organized around Sociedad de Producción Rural Unión de Ejidos y Comunidades San Fernando, S.P.R. de R.I., an organization operating in the municipalities of San Fernando, Jaltenango de la Paz, Ocozocoautla, Villa Corzo, La Concordia, Siltepec, Angel Albino Corzo, Bella Vista, Chicomuselo, Montecristo, Amatenango and Tuxtla Gutiérrez within the state of Chiapas, Mexico.

We are super happy with how this coffee turned out! Mexico has been putting out increasingly impressive coffees these past few years and this is one of our favorites. 

Notes of mineral, baking chocolate, tobacco, and Citrus are prominent. This coffee is also certified organic. 

8oz (227 grams)